Bourbon Strong Raffle raises $91K for Opal's Dream Foundation

Elizabethtown-based nonprofit Give 270 presented a check Monday for $91,363.52 to regional nonprofit Opal’s Dream Foundation. The donation was raised through a Bourbon Strong 50-4-50 bourbon raffle hosted by Give 270 last week. 

Founded in 2012, Opal’s Dream Foundation serves thousands of seniors in over 100 nursing homes in approximately 50 communities across Kentucky and Indiana. The foundation’s mission is to restore dignity, respect and joy to seniors in long-term care. The organization celebrates and enriches the lives of seniors through a variety of programs which provide mobility assistance, basic needs, quality of life improvements, recreation and socialization opportunities, engagement with the arts, companionship, and non-denominational spiritual support.

“We’re grateful for the team at Give 270 and their efforts in promoting this raffle and helping us further our mission,” said Paul Thompson, COO of Opal’s Dream Foundation. “These funds are indispensable for the work that we do and we look forward to employing them in the community immediately.” 

Give 270 previously supported Opal’s Dream Foundation through a bourbon raffle last year and the sale of an exclusive bourbon bottle celebrating the military veteran community in partnership with North Hardin Wine & Spirits in Radcliff in 2021. 

“We are proud to once again work with Opal’s Dream Foundation to support their important mission, and we are thrilled with the outcome of this raffle,” said Eric Clemens, Board Chair for Give 270.

Last week’s raffle featured 50 bourbon prizes at $50 per ticket. An additional Bourbon Strong 50-4-50 raffle is set for April 26 with proceeds benefiting Charities For Kentucky. Give 270 will also host Round 7 of Whiskey Wednesdays, its weekly bourbon raffle, from April 12 through June 28, with proceeds benefiting Give 270’s mission to support community, economic and workforce development through local giving. Raffles will take place each Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Give 270’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

To purchase tickets and stay up-to-date on raffles and events hosted by Give 270, visit

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